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  • Automated booking
  • Planning of shuttle buses
  • Booking statistics
  • Automated payment
  • Built for WordPress


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Here you can see for yourself by making a reservation, changing or deleting it.

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Here you see which customers are to be picked up, review a booking and see current occupancy.

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When do you need Airprk?

Airprk has been developed for those who operate airport parking with their own transfer buses and space for 200-2000 cars.
The main strengths of the software are the well-developed booking system and its easy-to-use function for planning transfer buses.
With Airprk, your parking becomes easy to understand, efficient and profitable.

The steps in an automated parking system

What you see

The Manager

Logged in to the website, you will see today's bookings and what times the transfer needs to run.
When you drive Erik to or from the airport, you tick him off the list, directly in the transfer bus.

What your custumer see


Erik makes a booking on your website.

In the booking, he chooses that he wants a transfer to the airport.

Immediately afterwards, he receives an email with a confirmation.
When Erik arrives at the car park, the transfer bus is waiting for him and drives him to the airport.
When Erik returns, the bus waits for him again and drives him back to the parking.
Erik leaves the parking and later receives an email with payment information.

Our customers’ thoughts

“With Airprk, we have saved a lot of time and increased our profitability. At the same time, we have a great tool for planning and managing our business.”

Nils Wachtmeister

CEO and owner of Skavstalunda Parking, Skavsta Airport, Sweden.

“We are very satisfied with Airprk. It has all the features we need and it helps us to manage the business in an excellent way.”

Jacob Bussler

Operations manager at Skavstalunda Parking, Skavsta Airport, Sweden

“Airprk is an invaluable tool for us to keep track of bookings. It is easy to understand and easy to work with.”

Magnus Holmbring

Operations manager Lunda Parking, Arlanda Airport, Sweden.

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