Airprk contains six main functions.

Through the connection between its functions, the system works completely automatically.
The system is web-based and self-instructed. Much of the programming is done to fit WordPress.


The first thing the customer encounters is the parking website. The first impression the customer gets from the website is often crucial. We have developed a standard template that we know works. It is connected to our booking system. The template is SEO-optimized and flexible.

If you still want to keep your previous website, we can create an interface so that the functions in Airprk are integrated.


Airprk has been developed on the basis that the customer should do the job. Via the web, the customer can book their parking, change it or cancel it completely on their own in less than a few minutes. Everything is done automatically without any hand-laying on your part. Our philosophy has been that the customer should pay as late as possible to avoid administration in case of changed bookings.

The booking module also keeps track of the number of cars in the car park and prevents the car park from being overbooked.

Illustration from Autopay.io


We offer two solutions for payment.

For medium-sized and large car parks, we have developed a solution together with Autopay. With the help of their system, the number plate is read when the customer enters the car park. At the exit, all the customer’s costs are calculated, which are then automatically deducted from the customer’s credit card. If there is no connection to a credit card, the customer automatically receives an invoice.

For the smaller parking lot, iZettle is used. Payment is then made in the transfer bus on the way to the airport.

Drivers Schedule

The driving list is the very heart of Airprk and an invaluable tool for the drivers of the transfer buses.

With a tablet or via smartphone, all drivers always know which customers are to be picked up and which are to be left. The driving list contains all the information that drivers need while they can add additional information if desired.

The driving list gives everyone an overview that makes it easier to plan the transfer traffic.


At 9:00 AM the day after the customers have returned home, they receive an email from Airprk where they can rate the parking service and leave a comment.

The customers’ review is presented immediately on the website. Everything is done automatically without any need for moderation.

Planning / follow-up

Airprk also includes a tool for long-term planning. The module contains history, information on the number of cars parked at the moment and statistics on how the bookings look later.

The planning module is invaluable for the management to be able to plan optimal staffing and for financial follow-up.

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